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Elisa has been teaching piano for over twenty years, during which time she has attended many pedagogy workshops, guest lectured in piano master classes, and taught as faculty member in eight different music schools in three countries. Elisa was also piano instructor at the outreach program in two universities in Brazil where she taught piano in group, keyboard in group, and applied piano. 

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US, Elisa maintained a studio of 40 students (ages 4 through adult) for 4 years including a waiting list. In 2017, she created a piano in group summer camp recruiting new students for the same school of music. Since November of 2017, Elisa has been teaching piano online.

MasterClass guest at State Music Conservatory of São João del Rei city - Brazil 2019

MasterClass guest at Federal University of Juiz de Fora - Brazil 2019

Piano Instructor and Artistic Director at Grace Notes Music School, Louisiana (2014 - 2017)

Photo Quaint+Whim

Photo Quaint+Whim

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